Two angels as like as two peas

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City: Saint-Petersburg.

Added by: Машка-Ёжка :), 29.03.2011 at 13:27.

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Two angels as like as two peas

For yandex with love
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Here are the angels that were standing three years ago near the Cathedral, from the side of Tuchkov Lane (Tuchkov Lane, 22 and 24, the yard of the St Catherin Cathedral). Now, it seems, one of them is put into a wooden cage…And maybe it has flown to the sky to tell how we live here… When I saw them for the first time I immediately remembered the song by Pilot “Two Angels”:

Two angels fell down from the cloud
Met on a white bridge.
And they were swirled by white leaves,
And froze together by the morning.
They took off their feathers and threw them into the mud
And swallowing the road dust
Got up from their knees and went to people
Stumbling over the feather grass
The herbs were singing them about the God’s love,
People were singing them about the sorrow war
And one of them said: "Go back, my brother, and tell about this to our Father".
Fly and tell about their proud spirit,
That keeps them down to earth by chains,
And I will stay here,
Watch they do not make anything bad to themselves.
They parted, each took his destiny,
They waved their hands to say good-bye,
So one angel is still living among us, the beasts,
For already the second thousands of years.
And we are still sitting, closing our face from a fire
By our own hands,
And so are sitting a fiance and fiancee in a church,
The sky is keeping silence and the ring is getting rust.

The two angels as like as two peas.

Address: Cadet Line, 27А.

How to reach: walking from "Vsileostrovskaya", "Sportivnaya" metro stations.

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Two angels as like as two peas
Two angels as like as two peas For yandex with love
Two angels as like as two peas
Two angels as like as two peas For yandex with love
Two angels as like as two peas
Two angels as like as two peas For yandex with love
Two angels as like as two peas
Two angels as like as two peas For yandex with love
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Алексей, (29.03.2011 at 13:56) 0
— Я так понимаю, этого ангела должны установить ( вернуть) на крышу собора. Тогда сбудется еще одно "пророчество" - о том, что Питер охраняют 3 ангела - золотой ( на Петропавловской кр.), серебряный ( этот - он раньше был покрашен серебряной краской) и бронзовый - на Александрийском столпе.

Машка-Ёжка :), (29.03.2011 at 14:09) 0
— Да, вернуть должны уже давно - реставрация, как обычно, растянулось на несколько лет. Хотя сейчас уже открыли фасад, но купол ещё в лесах...
Two angels as like as two peas

ПАВ, (29.03.2011 at 17:19) 1
— Ангелов там сейчас три. Совсем недавно там бродили. В эту субботу Два под крышей и замком, пускают если попросить. Один на улице забракованный.

dilidon, (29.03.2011 at 22:28) 0
— А вот и свеженькое ( от 27.03.11) фото. Изменения есть

dilidon, (29.03.2011 at 22:30) 1

Two angels as like as two peas

dilidon, (29.03.2011 at 22:32) 2

Two angels as like as two peasTwo angels as like as two peas

admin, (30.03.2011 at 11:35) 0
— Ангел в клетке

Евг, (03.11.2015 at 13:13) 1
— В северо-восточной части Васильевского острова, над Съездовской линией и пятью старинными переулками: Тучковым, Волховским, Биржевым, Двинским и Кубанским, возвышается своим серым куполом большой православный храм Святой Екатерины, знаменитый в прежние времена тем, что в нем находилась чудотворная икона покровительницы строителей. На мощном куполе до сих пор стоит ангел, названный местными богомольцами Ангел Пустые Руки: в тридцатые годы из его рук выбили крест. В среде верующих считалось, что, ежели вернется к ангелу крест, наступит благоденствие и процветание острова.
(с) Э. Кочергин "Ангелова кукла"

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