Lions next to the Customs

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City: Saint-Petersburg.

Added by: dilidon, 17.05.2011 at 18:18.

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Lions next to the Customs

For yandex with love
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It’s really strange that these lions are still not posted on the site. Every morning, passing by and admiring their pink backs, I decided to recall the lions at Yandex-map ...

Now they are here, because these lions are old-timers of Vasilevsky Island.

The embankment at this location, as well as a marina with lions existed in 1809. The marina was decorated with statues of lions and differed little from the present. It is known that the construction was carried out under the guidance of an architectural assistant I. Roginsky.

Exactly the same statues of lions were built on the embankment of the Great Neva. A terrible flood of November 7, 1824 severely damaged this descent, and one of the lion statues had been washed away by the raging waves, and it’s still resting on the river bottom. Half a century later, the pier has been rebuilt.

A Little Neva embankment was more fortunate, so we have a wonderful opportunity today to pass on the granite parapet, which ends with stone tables, forming the entrance to the pier.

A descent is designed as a wide granite stairway leading to the water. The staircase is divided into three parts by two barriers, descending terraces. The barriers are formed by stones of rectangular shape. The stones on the top floor at the same time serve as pedestals for the two small lions of pink granite. Facing the river, they lie in a relaxed pose, stretched out front and tucked their hind legs, turning slightly to one another long-manned their heads with half-opened mouths. A generalized form is a result of the difficulty in processing granite. Also, looking from a distance, the main importance is the clarity and expressiveness of the silhouette of decorative sculpture, in which case the fine details are not needed. The Lions are a good decoration of the pier, harmonizing with its strict classical style. more (406 symbols) >>

Address: Makarova embankment.

How to reach: to the VO arrows, and just behind the Birzhevoy Bridge.

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Lions next to the Customs
Lions next to the Customs For yandex with love
Lions next to the Customs
Lions next to the Customs For yandex with love
Lions next to the Customs
Lions next to the Customs For yandex with love
Lions next to the Customs
Lions next to the Customs For yandex with love
Lions next to the Customs
Lions next to the Customs For yandex with love
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Катерина, (18.05.2011 at 08:46) 1
— А недавно бедолагам раскрасили глаза. Отмывалось с трудом, реставраторы намучились.

Надя, (20.05.2011 at 17:26) 0
— dilidon, по-моему, ничего и не переосмыслили - говорят, царь-то не настоящий, в смысле, не уникальный текст)

dilidon, (21.05.2011 at 14:31) 0
— конец ( последний абзац) исправила . Если не подходить - редактируйте, удаляйте, исправляйте и пр - я не возражаю

Dunaeww, (21.05.2011 at 15:41) 1
— Львы - замечательные (за это спасибо скульпторам). Петербург, как известно, является столицей Львов. Давайте всех львов соберём в какой-нибудь группе. Их действительно много и они все разные. А вот добавление одного совершенно не вписывается в неформатность достопримечательности! Они все неформатны, ибо различны! Пишите, если поодерживаете мою идею о создании колеекции львов.

dilidon, (22.05.2011 at 18:42) 1
— я - за

Paolaner, (06.04.2012 at 19:52) 0

Lions next to the Customs

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