Kolya Vasin

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City: Saint-Petersburg.

Added by: ПАВ, 08.07.2011 at 21:10.

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Kolya Vasin

For yandex with love
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Kolya Vasin is a famous Beatles fan in Russia and one of the famous completists in St. Petersburg. He collects everything related to the Beatles, he started collecting in the early 60-s, he even learned English “only because it was Lennon’s language”. The most valuable item of the collection is the Beatles album signed by John Lennon for Kolya Vasin (it’s situated on the wall of the office 910 or the Cathedral committee on John Lennon Street). He founded John Lennon Street in St. Petersburg and is going to build The Cathedral of Love to the Beatles.

Address: 10, Pushkinskaya Street.

How to reach: from Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station 10 min on foot.

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серега, (11.08.2011 at 22:00) 0
— Разбирал балкон нашел два нулевых винила БИТЛОВ из коллекции Коли Васина(запись по трансляции)Спасибо что есть такие люди!!!

ПАВ, (11.08.2011 at 23:16) 2
— Повезло )))))) старые пластинки сейчас вещь раритетная. Пусть и шипит безбожно.

Randy D. Dull, (06.12.2012 at 19:23) 0
— Hi Kolya, I met you when you came to Memphis.I just happened to look you up on Google.What a suprise.Remember "the bannanas are on fire" that was the signal to ditch Sid and go get all the record albums. I gave you the Joe Cocker album at the airport when you left to go back to london. I think of you often and I hope to hear from you.I saw Julie 1 more time after you left, she moved back to kansas to take care of her mother, Do you remember the nights in memphis?You came to my house and we watched MTV music videos, Please contact me if you recieve this, Randy Dull, Baby I'm a rich man. baby I'm a rich man...You sang after my friend gave you all the record albums?

Randy D. Dull, (06.12.2012 at 19:37) 0
— Here is a pic of me now, I am 52 now I think I was 36 when we last saw each other, i have the newspaper clippings from the Memphis paper Of Sidney in his hat. LOL,Recall the folding shades(sunglasses I gave you for a gift. Many things have changed since you were here, I recorded the WALL by Pink Floyd when they were tearing down the berlin wall. I suppose that things are alot different there too, Its Saint Petersburg again, YES!!!!!. My address, Randy Dull
624 Tangerine St.
Nokomis, FL. 34275
I am no longer married and live in Florida where it never gets cold. warm and sunny all year round, Its where I lived before i moved to memphis. I moved back here in 1998. I am on Facebook, as is my beautiful Daughter Lauren Dull she was a baby then. she is 26 now. Time Flies My friend, Ticking away the moments that make up a Dull day>>>>>>>as you fritter and waste the moments in an offhand way..................
Kolya Vasin

admin, (27.12.2012 at 15:44) 0
— Randy D. Dull, we hope that Kolya Vasin will see this letter.

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